Easy And Effective Ways To Gain Weight

weight gain tipsWhile the majority of men and women struggle with weight loss solutions, others are desperately attempting to gain weight using healthy methods. In fact, maintaining a healthy weight or attempting to gain weight can be a significant challenge. Gaining weight is often necessary for numerous reasons including a lack of appetite, health issues, fueling sports activities, building muscle mass, or just overcoming skinny genetics. The following weight gain tips can help.

Gain through Proper Nutrition

For many thin individuals who exercise and feel comfortable, maintaining their “ideal” body weight poses no significant health issues. However, people that want or need to gain weight must find a healthy pathway through proper nutrition. Avoid spending hours at the all-you-can-eat local buffet. Instead, focus on consuming healthy foods with good nutrition.

Gaining weight in a healthy way requires consuming nutrient rich foods, while avoiding high calorie foods that contain sugar, fat and empty calories. The goal to healthy weight gain involves selecting foods packed with nutrients, minerals and vitamins along with healthy calories ensuring each bite contains proper nutrition. Consider foods enriched with healthy fats, nuts, fruit and yogurt.
Do Not Miss Meals

It is easier to put on weight by eating three square meals and substantial snacks every day. Consider eating smaller meals, six times each day, containing the proper amount of proteins, vegetables, starches and fat. Eat often, but choose each meal selection wisely to build about a half a pound of muscle mass each week.

Gaining Additional Muscle Mass

Many individuals, such as athletes, who are not underweight still need to put on muscle mass. In fact, athletes needing to bulk up add substantial amounts of calories and proteins while performing strength training to ensure that all additional gained weight lands in the right places.
Underweight individuals should follow the advice of athletes, by consuming protein rich snacks including low-fat chocolate milk, high-protein energy bars, and protein shakes immediately following extensive weight training, to build muscle mass in strategic areas.

Schedule Workout Routines

Many individuals with a high basic metabolic rate (BMR) burn excessive amounts of energy. However, by spacing out workouts, it is easy to build muscle mass without losing weight. Consider performing short intensity workouts that minimize the amount of spent energy, instead of long workout sessions involving low stress activity.


Because putting on a significant amount of weight takes a long time (3 to 4 months) before any bulk begins to show, many individuals become frustrated and quit too soon. Understand that the human body tends to respond better to weight gain when eating and exercising maintained on a consistent schedule. It is important to note that there are no effective programs that will help you to gain weight and that can produce optimal results if your efforts are not regular.

Remember that heredity plays a significant role in determining exactly how much each one of us weighs. Even so, following these effective weight gain tips involving weight training and consuming a smart diet, you have the ability to overcome your genetically predetermined weight.